With joint efforts from the Student Union, Alumni association and the IDC we have set up a one of a kind credit club that makes the most of the IDC family’s consumer power.

IDC Students credit card

Issued with no enrollment fee or commitment Including the most exclusive benefits, to students, staff and alumni.

Our unique golden benefits not found anywhere else – all in one place.

Membership in our club facilitates hundreds of discounts and benefits.

* New members will enjoy two tickets to the Cinema City during the week. The gift is conditional upon making purchases above 500 NIS in the first three     weeks as of issue day. (for new members registration until 31/12/2017)

* Issues of credit cards is subject to Isracard approval and / or Hapoalim Bank and / or American Express and / or the issuing bank.

*isracard and / or IDC+ could change, remove or add any benefits in any given time. The above applies for all site pages.