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What is  IDC HOME  ?

 IDC HOME  is a step forward for you.

We combined the digital and academic worlds and created something smart and awsome.

IDC Herzliya Mobile App

don't worry it's for Android and iPhone

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IDC Herzliya Credit Card

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Smart Campus

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A step  forward for me? Like what?

No time, No line

Hungry and only a 15 min. break between classes?

Download the IDC App and register the IDC credit card in it

Order + Pay

You are a click away from ordering  your meal: enter the Karnaff page, choose your dish and time of pick-up

Just come and pick up your order.
Ask the Karnaf dude for your food and... bon appetite!

Collect from the Pickup area


The IDC and it's Student Union's application is here!

View your personal academic zone: updates tests and class schedule, grades, “next class”

Stay updated with the IDC and Student Union events – 24/7

No time between classes?
Cut the line at “Karnaff”!

Soon: remote printing, support classes, available learning areas and more!


Click to join


IDC PLUS+ is the product which completes the experience of the  IDC HOME .

With joint efforts from the Student Union, Alumni association and the IDC we have set up a one of a kind credit club that makes the most of the IDC family’s consumer power.


Credit card issued with no enrollment fee or commitment to students, staff and alumni.


Membership in our club facilitates hundreds of discounts and benefits. You are invited to the IDC PLUS+ page, enjoy.