Partner - Mobile  

Advanced phone and internet solutions

Premium cell phone plans with the lowest price on market

500 minutes, international calls


50 GB, Internet package

Unlimited local calls

Unlimited sms messages

34 NIS

Attractive prices on packages of internet infrastructure and ISP

15 Mbs

69.9 Nis

40 Mbs

74.9 Nis

100 Mbs

74.9 Nis

50% discount

on first two months


Home router

First year for free.

After one year 9.99 NIS per month

What else?

Flying Abroad?

Choose your favorite travelers package out of the our great offers including international calls, sms messages, internet browsing and much more.

Looking for a new smartphone?

Enjoy low prices on new smartphone devices including the best brands.

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■ The terms of the plan are valid from the date of joining each program and as long as the plan is in force. ■ The proposals presented are intended for the organization's first members, pensioners and their families ■ Entitlement to join the programs presented in this presentation will be based on the presentation of a membership card and the identity card of the member to prove the first rapport ■ This presentation details the main points of the program. The full and binding terms are set forth in the program / employment terms form. ■ All prices shown include VAT. ■ Partner may update the offers and services at any time, including handset prices and models ■ Partner Communications Company Ltd., Tel-Aviv 520044314